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Shishigatani Kabocha (4 pack)

Shishigatani Kabocha (4 pack)



Sold as a 4 pack in 2.25 inch pots

Full Sun

Garden Planting - Plant 2 feet apart in 4 foot rows.

Container Planting – One plant per 16x16 inch pot or one plant per 5 gallon bucket


This is one of our rarest and most historic varieties! 

Very rare and hard to find even in its native Japan.


Since the Edo period of the early 1800s, this special Japanese pumpkin is one of the kyo yasai, or traditional vegetables in the Kyoto region. This kabocha squash is used in shojin ryori, a type of vegetarian cooking prepared by Buddhist priests. The fruit skin is distinctly ribbed and warted and ripe when the skin turns light brown. The flesh is a delicate light yellow color.


The fruit is uniquely shaped, like a bottle gourd, and is ribbed and very warty. It is dark green, turning to tan at full maturity. The fine-grained flesh has a delicious, nutty flavor. Traditionally believed to keep people from getting paralysis if eaten in the hottest part of summer. Shishigatani pumpkin is a famous vegetable in Kyoto cuisine.

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