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Organic Siberian Garlic Cloves .25 lb

Organic Siberian Garlic Cloves .25 lb

Organic Siberian Garlic Cloves.

(*Important: These are sold in .25 lb packages of cloves, not whole bulbs. .25lb is approximately 25 cloves) Local Pickup Only


Siberian Garlic is a medium sized, medium to hot tasting, hardneck garlic. It is easy to grow and extremely hardy in cold climates. Its long storage, beautiful purple skin, and outstanding taste make this a favorite for gardeners and chefs alike. As a huge bonus, this garlic is purported to have the highest Allicin content of any garlic variety. Allicin supports normal cholesterol levels, boosts the immune system, and enhances circulation.


Culinary Use: Peel and use raw or cook as desired.


Planting: We did the hard work of breaking the bulbs for you! Do not peel. In Autumn, before the ground freezes, plant cloves with point side up 2-3” deep and 6” apart. *We like to add a sprinkle of Melody Acres Living Soil to each hole for best results!


Net Weight: .25 lb (approx. 25 bulbs)


Grown on our Farm in Eighty Four PA

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