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Okinawan Bitter Melon (Goya)

Okinawan Bitter Melon (Goya)



Sold as a single plant in a 4x4 inch pot

Full Sun

Needs a strong trellis

Garden Planting - Plant 8 to 12 inches apart in trellised rows.

Container Planting – Two plants per 5 gallon bucket


A beautiful medium sized heirloom from Okinawa Japan. Fruit is uniform with a great flavor. The bitter melon is a dietary staple on the island of Okinawa, famous for its people’s longevity. The Okinawan people have been known for great health and record-breaking longevity for almost 1000 years, largely in part to their healthy diet. Bitter melon, called Goya in Japan, has been identified as a crucial staple of the famous Okinawan longevity diet, which is also part of the Blue Zone Diet.


Goya champuru is a popular Okinawan stir fry bitter melon recipe, very commonly eaten by Okinawa’s centenarian residents. We love the vitamin-rich, miraculous fruit.

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