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Djena Lee's Golden Girl Tomato

Djena Lee's Golden Girl Tomato



3.5x5 Pot

Indeterminate - Will need staking or a heavy duty cage. 

Garden Planting - Plant 18 to 24 inches apart in rows 36inches apart.

Container Planting - One tomato per 20"x20" pot or 5 gallon bucket.


This is not only a strikingly beautiful tomato but it is also SO delicious! As if that wasn’t enough, it also gives heavy early yields! What more could you ask for?


Here’s the tomato’s history from the Ark of Taste Catalog:


Djena Lee’s Golden Girl tomato is a medium to large golden orange fruit with a semi-thick skin. This tomato was developed by Djena (pronounced “Shena”) Lee, who was part Native American and the daughter of Minnesota financier Jim Lee. It was grown in the 1920’s, given to Reverend Morrow when he was 15, and has been grown by his family since 1929. The tomato’s intense orange color is very striking. It has an excellent balance of acid to sugar giving it a sweet yet tangy flavor. Flavor was so highly prized that these tomatoes won first place at the Chicago Fair 10 years in a row! Tasters also enjoy its texture throughout, “When eating the center of the tomato it continues to explode in my mouth.”

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