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Cherokee Moon & Stars Watermelon (4 pack)

Cherokee Moon & Stars Watermelon (4 pack)


Sold as a 4 pack - 2.25" peat pots


Full Sun

Garden Planting - Plant 3 feet apart in rows 6 feet apart. 

Container Planting - One per 20"x20" pot or 5 gallon bucket.

Large fruit 20 to 30 pounds each.



What an amazing story to go along with a gorgeous and delicious Watermelon!

In the mid 1970s, Kent Whealy began to hear from Seed Savers Exchange members of a remarkable watermelon introduced to American gardeners sometime before 1900. This Moon and Stars watermelon persisted in seed catalogs through the 1920s, but many feared it had been lost forever. So Whealy began a search for this melon, and in 1980 he mentioned the sought after melon on a television show out of Kirksville, Missouri. Fortunately, Merle Van Doren, a farmer near Macon, Missouri was watching and decided to track down Whealy. Van Doren surprised Kent with news that the melon was not extinct at all; he was cultivating this unusual watermelon with its speckled leaves in Missouri.


Whealy went to pick up the seed, bringing a Mother Earth News photographer with him. Featured in the January 1982 edition of Mother Earth News, the rediscovered melon became an instant hit. Since the resurrection of the Van Doren variant, other yellow speckled heirlooms have resurfaced from Cherokee and Amish traditions, and all have surged in popularity. Twenty years later, they remain among the bestselling heirlooms.  Moon and Stars is truly a stellar success among heirlooms, proving that what was once thought to be obsolete can be revived to the status of a national treasure.

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