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Boston Marrow Squash (4 pack)

Boston Marrow Squash (4 pack)



Sold as a 4 pack in 2.25 inch pots

Full Sun

Garden Planting - Plant 2 feet apart in 6 foot rows.

Container Planting – One plant per 5 gallon bucket


(aka Autumnal Marrow) Once the standard early squash, available in the U.S. since at least the 1830s. Easy to grow excellent table quality: flesh is thick, flaky, and free from fiber. 


Lovely 15 lb fruit is hubbard-shaped and a brilliant red-orange in color. This variety was first documented back to 1831 by Fearing Burr, the author of Field & Garden Vegetables of America. This variety was first mentioned being grown by Mr. J.M. Ives of Salem, Mass. Mr. Ives had received seeds from a friend in Northampton, Mass, who had obtained his seeds from a friend in Buffalo, NY. This variety came to be grown in the Buffalo area after a tribe of Native Americans traveled through the area and distributed seed. From this historic introduction, Boston Marrow soon became one of the most important commercial squashes for 150 years. As the 21st century approached, nearly every seed company had dropped this unique treasure. In 1881 D.M. Ferry’s catalog said, “Fine-grained, and for sweetness and excellence, unsurpassed; a very popular variety in the Boston market”. It has rich, orange flesh that won it a place in Slow Foods’ “Ark of Taste” for having superior flavor and taste!

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