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Armenian Striped Cucumber (4 pack)

Armenian Striped Cucumber (4 pack)



Sold as a 4 pack in 2.25 inch pots

Full Sun.

Requires a trellis or tall cage

Garden Planting - Plant 18 inches apart in trellised rows. Each row 36 inches apart.

Container Planting – Two plants per 5 gallon bucket


Armenian Striped Cucumber is an heirloom variety dating back to the 1400s. Produces long, curved fruits with crisp texture and sweet cucumber flavor. Best harvested between 10-18″ long. Valued for its flavor and attractive fruits, this cucumber is also known as snake melon. It is a heavy producer of light and dark green striped fruit that have a curved shape. An excellent slicer, the flesh is mild, sweet and crunchy.


Watch for, and pick off, cucumber beetles. Releasing Ladybugs deters cucumber beetles and controls aphids.

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