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White Queen Tomato

White Queen Tomato


Sold as a single plant in a 3.5x5 inch pot

Full Sun.

Indeterminate- Will still need staking or a heavy cage.

Garden Planting - Plant 18 to 24 inches apart in rows 36 inches apart.

Container Planting – One tomato per 20x20 inch pot or 5 gallon bucket

Medium sized tomato weighing 10 to 12oz each.

Introduced in 1941 by the Earl May Seed Co. Donated to USDA in 1963 from Wyoming. Seeds obtained by Craig Lehoullier from the USDA and shared with Carolyn Male for grow out. Introduced to SSE by Carolyn Male in 1995. This heirloom variety offers some of the nicest shape and whitest color of any of the "white" varieties. Beefsteak-style fruit weighs to 12 oz. and is smooth skinned with ribbed shoulders. Some fruits have a pink blush or streaks on their blossom ends that ripen to a pale creamy yellow. Tomatoes are juicy and fruity sweet.

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