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Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint


Invasive Growing Habit.


Full Sun.


Sold as a single plant in a 4x4 inch pot.

Garden Planting - Space 6 inches apart in rows that are 6 inches apart.

Container Planting - One plant per 6x6 inch pot (will need to pot up each year) You will need to care for it in a protected place with some sunlight during the winter.  If your pot freezes the mint will likely die.


Vigorous grower - Can be invasive

Keep this plant in a pot on concrete or your deck. Do not plant in the ground or put your pot on the ground unless you are ok with mint's vigorous spreading habits.



Is there anything better than peppermint patties? 


Yes! Chocolate Mint!  We use this beautiful plant as a base to many of our teas.

With it's dark green leaves and dark stems this plant will be a stand out in your garden!

Be careful to keep it contained in a pot off of the ground if you want to keep this vigorous grower contained. It will spread above and below the ground making it hard to manage if you don't plan for it before you buy. Remember this is a MINT plant... it does whatever it wants! Personally, I'm happy to have it take over my tea gardens!  I can't get enough of this amazing plant!

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